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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I remember the yellow schedules that used to come in the mail from the Quilt Shop.  We would all wait with anticipation for the mail to get the schedule, study it and then go over to sign up for the classes we wanted.  Now that I look back, I should have written down all the classes I took.  My favorites?  I think my favorites were the ones that lasted for a few weeks.  One of my favorites was the Millenium jacket?  It was right before the year 2000.  You would make parts of the jacket, then we put it all together at the end.  Talk about HARD..... but it was fun and I learned a lot.  I remember telling my kids, to bury me in this jacket, cause no one else was ever getting it!   The nice part was, it was the same people each time, we becaame friends in the class.  Laughing and supporting each other along the way... isn't that what classes are all about?

Then there was the slipper class..... another HARD but fun class.... trying to turn those suckers inside out.  Oh my!

I think my favorite ones were the ones that Lois taught, using the Marti Michell templates.  Those classes helped us form a group of quilting friends that lasted for a long time, we called ourselves the renegade quilters.... and boy did we have fun. Somehow the group fell apart, or I fell out, I miss those friends very much. We became very close friends, sharing good times and sad times, while creating some beautiful quilts, thanks to Lois and her talents!

What fun times we had in classes..... do you have any stories about a class, or classes that you took at the quilt shop?  We've had some wonderful ones, that is for sure!

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