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Friday, November 14, 2014


So I guess by now we all heard the news, the Quilt Shop is closing.  Sad for us, happy for Ginny as she and Dennis will now have the time to travel, to have fun and to enjoy those grandchildren.   I thought as a tribute to them, I would start up the blog again, for the last few weeks of the store being open.

What many people don't realize, Ginny included, is that the store was more than a building, it was almost like a place of worship, a place of support, a place to recharge your creative batteries, a place to feel loved and accepted no matter what your sewing skills were.  Whether you were a beginner, a non quilter, or a blue ribbon winner, well that store, whether it was the little yellow house, or the brick store was a place to smile.

What are your memories, let's share them during these last weeks.

Miss you all!

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