Saturday, November 15, 2014

First memory

I remember my first memory of the quilt shop. It was1995, and I had been transferred to another school, which was a nightmare at the time.  I was teaching half time kindergarten, so each day I would leave my school, and drive to my old school where my kids were to pick them up. One day in October I was driving down North Street, when I saw it, that sign that said was like my prayers had been answered.  Until then, the nearest BERNINA Dealer was in Hartsdale NY, at Hartsdale fabrics. I would see them once a year, to have my machine serviced, or to get an accessory that I had to have.  Now to have a dealer near me.... it was going to be wonderful.  I know I waited about a week before I got brave enough to go in.  When I did, they weren't really opened yet. I remember Ginny was there, and Corinne... they were opening bolts and putting them on the shelves. That little yellow house became my home away from home. I remember trying so hard to prove to them that I could teach there, or at least work there  I remember trying so hard to have my work to be as good as Lois.   That little yellow house was a special place indeed. I'm searching for a picture... does anyone have a picture of the old store?

Remember going up and down those stairs,going up to the classroom, those beautiful windows that looked out. It was a bright beautiful room. The machines against the window on the counter,the big spacious table in the middle of the room, the way the ceiling was angled on both sides, ( hanging quilts there was lots of fun).   The flannel section upstairs, sometimes we had to get creative to make them all fit.   There was a back deck upstairs,sometimes deer would come right up to the door.

How many of you have one of the flannel kits?  Here's a fact I bet you didn't know.... Ginny's pattern, Fabric Fling?  It was first called Flannel Fling.....I have a copy of her first handwritten hand drawn pattern.....
I remember opening the store each morning, first order of business, hanging the quilts on the porch railing outside.  Oh how many times we had to rescue a quilt from the driveway, or the porch.   People who weren't even quilters would stop in to see if they could buy the quilts.  
When was the first time you came in to the Quilt shop?

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  1. I don't remember the first time I went into the Quilt Shop but it was in the old building. I thought it was so cute to have it in an old house with quilts hanging outside. I was overwhelmed but all the color when I went into the shop. A friend of mine had told me about the shop and I had just gotten back into sewing and started quilting.